Siber Koza has implemented the Siber Koza Innovation Centres project in order to assist young people come up with projects that can produce solutions to world issues by creating educational and practical environments.

The first of the innovation centres was opened within the scope of Istanbul University – Cerrahpaşa in 2019 at Engineering Faculty in Turkey. The second and third are in Batman & Konya Tecnical Universities. Siber Koza team is very excited about the locations in Air University and NASTP in Islamabad. The process and trainings are going to be the same as Turkey in Pakistan and the younger generation will have access to the eco system in Turkey. In innovation centres, volunteer participants as well as university students are allowed to work and contribute to the determined projects.

Siber Koza, together with its business partners, carries out the studies of new innovation centres that provide an environment for young and bright minds to develop their ideas and demonstrate their knowledge and skills.